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Invisible Weapons examines revolutionary politics during the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), asking why so few movement supporters reflect the Black queer and intersectional feminism of M4BL organizers.

Enthusiasm for the M4BL, the largest movement in history, has hidden the tools of domination - coercing oppressed people into giving political power to their oppressors. Using original representative survey data, in-depth interviews in Chicago, and case studies from New York and Baltimore, I explain the psychology, politics, and propaganda behind oppression today. Through disempowerment, silencing, and political cooptation, I show how participation in protest is far from a guarantee of radical and revolutionary intent.

Invoking lessons from #SayHerName campaigns, I show how political hopelessness is transforming revolutionary resistance into disempowerment, silence, and defeat. But all is not lost, as I also show that all of the ingredients we need for justice, revolution , and a peaceful existence are already with us. We must only have the audacity to hope for real change - not the one that elitists sell us at the cost of our lives.

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